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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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After getting a 570 in my first attempt, I started looking for a comprehensive course which would help me crack the GMAT verbal, which was my weakest part. I was recommended to join eGMAT's VLP course by my friend who was also struggling with Verbal. I went through all the free links provided by eGMAT and decided to go with it.

eGMAT's verbal live prep is the best course for non-natives. I am glad I took this course. While answering sentence-correction questions I never used to be confident . After applying the 'Meaning' based approach, I got the right answers very quickly. More importantly I need not think about the previous answers while answering the new questions. Such
is the confidence given by this approach.

In CR questions I never heard of a concept called 'Pre-Thinking'. eGMAT is the first company to introduce this. Using this concept one can pre-think the correct answer choice without even looking at answer choices. After arriving at an answer choice one needs to only look for that choice in the given 5 choices. This reduces the time consumed by CR questions.

The RC course helped me to master the most challenging passages. It helped me to keep focus and discussed all types of question types involved. Once the process is followed, everything seems easy.

Initially it takes some time to develop an expertise in these approaches. But once these approaches are mastered, answering the questions will be a cake-walk. I found tremendous improvements in both my accuracy and time-management using this.

It also has Live sessions, which helped me to solidify the concepts and clarify any doubts. Sessions are conducted every week and the instructors make the concepts crystal clear. I liked Rajat, Payal, Shraddha, Chiranjeev and Krishna.
These sessions are also recorded, one can view them any time.

I forgot to mention that VLP has workshops too. These workshops ared designed to take the preparation to upper levels. They help to maximize the score. It also gives access to EDVENTO and's mocks. IR is also taken care by this course.

As I said earlier, VLP is the most comprehensive course available. I have scheduled my exam in July and I am confident I'll get to a great score this time.

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