June 07, 2014

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Worth every dime!!!


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Krishna Chaitanya

Location Online

Hi All,

I personally like the e- GMAT course structure and the way it is organized. It has a right blend of required concepts and practice material for GMAT preparation.

Moreover, it doesn't leave any stones unturned in covering GMAT verbal topics. At first I thought reading comprehension and IR are the topics which no one can teach but to my contrary the course has such a beautiful strategies for all the section which when practiced diligently I am sure there is no way that one would not get his/her dream score in verbal.

Furthermore, I guess there is no better course structured for non-natives than e-GMAT as It helps right from the beginning i.e. with the level one is comfortable with and take him/her further.

The Application files, Verbal workshop and Interactive live sessions helps in aiding one to clarify doubts if any and to add to that the faculties proven track record helps in pin pointing the pain area or the common pit falls which when known helps one to rectify mistakes which might have occurred.

So overall I think its a beautiful course aimed at helping non natives and it does justice to all its claim.

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