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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

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i have given my GMAT in NOV 2013 without any preparation as i felt that my CAT 2013 scores may not guarantee an IIM call and the ended up with 610 score (Q50,V22). The GMAT result really frustrated me and then i came to know about e-GMAT VLP through one of my friends. I registered on and gone through some trial concepts and diagnostic tests and gave me a feeling that i could have attempted the GMAT with proper preparation and i also gone through some of recordings about strategy sessions, which strengthened my belief.Finally, i decided to subscribe to e-gmat course and took VLP in the december 2013.During the period NOV&DEC 2013 i completed MGMAT SC and CR bible, which throw some light on how to approach to sc and cr questions.

I decided strongly to have a good gmat score that can land me into one of my dream B-schools and started the preparation without failing the approach mentioned in the VLP study plan. i started with SC and took me some 20 days (2hrs/day) to complete the course. one thing i missed previously while solving the SC questions was "intended meaning" of the given sentence and i am amazed to see improvement in accuracy as i started following the E-Gmat Process.Initially it took me more time to solve the SC questions with process and solving time comes down to normal levels around 1:30 min when the process becomes intutive. Particularly dealing with modifiers becomes a cake-walk after the concept and application files of e-gmat (Hats-off E-Gmat).

coming to CR, the unique approach suggested by e-gmat is pre-thinking-really handsome.At initial stages of my preparation of CR i felt that prethinking hampers my speed but it improves accuracy a lot and one more thing this course suggest is to identify the premise&conclusion for every CR question( an eye opener for me). After the e-gmat process no jumps between question and answer choices and saves a time a lot and improves the confidence to solve next questions.

Reading comprehension is not a big deal when you mastered E-Gmat SC but the only thing is to pace oneself while comprehending the passage keeping time in mind and POE is quite important for higher lever Reading comprehension questions as i personally feel.

Now i am preparing to take mocks and then go for Final battle "THE GMAT" and will share the post GMAT experience when iam done...

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