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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

The E-Gmat Verbal Live Prep Course is the best course one can enroll into for their GMAT Verbal prep needs.

Extremely Comprehensive SC, CR, RC & IR - The course material is extremely comprehensive. I don't think there is any topic in any of the above areas that has been left untouched. SC & CR generally have well defined topics within them and those of course have been covered extensively, but I was personally amazed with their RC since that's one area where one always wonders what needs to be really 'studied' other than practice. But wait until you go through their RC course and you'll know there's so much more to learn in RC.

Focus on Processes - They have a well defined process for SC, CR & RC too. The SC & CR are flagship courses anyways so I don't think I need to say anything about them other than the fact that their SC course with their 3 step meaning focused approach not just unique but also extremely accurate and reliable to solve SC questions. And Pre-thinking on CR works like a beauty no matter what the difficulty level of the question is without cluttering your head with the wrong options.

Helpful Faculty & Support Team - Rajat, Payal, Shraddha, Chiranjeev, Krishna and others are the people who make e-GMAT what it is today. They are all full time dedicated instructors who have great knowledge of their respective subjects, some of whom have cleared the Indian CAT too with 99.99% scores. They are extremely helpful and responsive over email unlike some other prep companies' instructors.

Support Staff - The support staff is also extremely helpful whenever one has any technical issues with the course/platform etc. They offered me extension at very nice rates so that I could complete my prep without having to worry too much about course expiries.

Although I'm yet to give my GMAT but to give you a pointer I have improved my GMATPrep mock scores from 34 to 39-40 range.

All in all, I think its the best course for anyone for their GMAT Verbal Prep needs.

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