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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

Location Online

Am a non-native speaker. When I decided to take my GMAT, I enrolled myself at GMATClub. I then started reviewing the courses on GC as well as on websites of courses. I have also started the trial subscriptions of almost all leading courses. Along with my trial experience and review on GC, I have decided to enroll for e-Gmat. Stil,l for second opinion, I asked one of my friends for his suggestion of good online learning tool. He said that blindly go for e-gmat.

That's how I joined the e-gmat's verbal online prep course. Its concept are very systematically organized and are followed by quizzes. Considering my good experience of learning with verbal online prep. I have upgraded my package to another wonderful course VERBAL-LIVEPREP.
Verbal liveprep in combination with verbal online gives a perfect blend of self-study and classroom experience. LivePrep sessions are conveniently arranged on weekends and are very interactive. These sessions are gives us an idea of depth of our preparation and areas of improvement. We also come to know our level of preparation relative to other batchmates. Price, when compared to other preps is also a plus-point for this course.

One more good thing about e-gmat is their support team, whenever I had a query, I received response to my mail promptly and needless to say positively !

Thus, I recommend Verbal liveprep course to all GMAT takers.

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