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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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As I come from an engineering background, cracking the mathematics section on the gmat is going to be easy when compared to Verbal.

By quoting the above statement, I am in no way saying that either the Quants/Verbal section are easy or tough. What each section requires is smart thinking to crack each question as we go higher up in the difficulty level.

With my existing materials, I was always able to do the base mathematics problems easily, however i was struggling as the difficulty level tagged for the question went up high and was seeing that either the time taken to solve the problem went up significantly up or even after taking a lot of time to solve the question, i ended up answering the question wrongly.

I had searched through many forums to find the best gmat prep institute which can help build this gap for me for the quants section.

As Luck would have it, e-gmat announced its quant course and i quickly took my chance and enrolled after looking at their trial version and also looking at their past success with e-gmat verbal.

I must say that, this has been the best decision that I had ever taken and to my expectations, e-gmat quant course focussed on different ways to solve the problem, basically helped to think smart rather than just dumping you with a list of formulas to learn.

The focus on each topic right from Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Word problems has been rightly covered and each problem chosen to be solved in the live session is challenging and helps building more on the concepts covered.

I am truly satisfied with the course and would recommend this any one aiming to score high on gmat Quant section.

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