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Dear all,

To start with my background, I did my schooling from Hindi medium. Last year, I decided to write the GMAT exam so I registered for classroom program from ThePrincetonreview. In Dec 2013, I wrote the exam and I ended up with a score of 580( q-51, v-19). I was shocked with my verbal score.I realized that Princeton program was of little help for me as it does not provide any approach for verbal questions. I did prepare for CAT so quant was like a cake walk for me.

We , Indians love the word “free” so before writing the exam, I registered for E-gmat free classes and attended free sessions. Though, I loved their strategies for Cr-prethinking, SC- 3 step and RC- 7 points but I did not follow the same in the exam . After the exam, I knew where do I need to improve and how.
I registered for e-gmat verbal live prep course. I must admit that this course has been very useful for me in all three types of questions.

Reading- Before registering for the course, I was not an active reader. The RC strategy sessions taught me how should we read effectively . Today, I read all leading magazines such as TheEconomist, Scientific American etc. I just love their strategy so much that today, whenever, I read any articles from these magazines , I just follow RC strategy. Now, the strategy has been part of my reading style. It has not only improved my comprehension skills but also reading speed.

Sentence correction- Before writing the exam, I used to think that sc is all about grammer rules. Once you learn all grammar rules, you can master in sc but after the blunder in exam and after following e-gmat sc-meaning based approach , I realized that I was wrong. Grammer based approach might work in easy sc questions, but once you are getting tougher questions, most of the questions will be based on meaning and here, E-gmat sc course will help you , not Manhattan sc book.

Critical reasoning- I would strongly recommend e-gmat –prethinking approach if one wants to do good in CR. It has not only improved my accuracy but also solved timing issue.
I will be writing Gmat next month and I aim for 760. My sincerely thanks to E-GMAT team for coming up
Such an effective and useful course for non-natives.


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