October 18, 2014

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

Location Online

Studies show that any learning programs that stimulate multi-senses simultaneously, especially visual and hearing, enhance the learning process. E-gmat correctly uses this approach to reach out to beginners and non-natives.
Each learning module is precisely crafted with utmost attention and care, followed by plethora of quizzes and exercises. Unlike other prep companies, E-gmat focuses heavily on process based learning strategies, which in my view is excellent way of training a gmat aspirant.
Not to mention its excellent live and recorded sessions. Every E-gmat faculty member has done a fantastic job organizing these live sessions and thanks a ton for making my learning experience so joyful
I found very few errors in the gen1 software which I think were addressed in gen2 release.
I would definitely recommend this course to every test taker.

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