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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I took GMAT in 2012 with a short preparation of one month, I got 610 (V26, Q48). After that, I have not tried up to Apr’14 for some other personal reasons. I thought of taking GMAT again, I started practicing verbal ( As it is my weak area), using OG and other commonly available books. I didn’t find any improvement in my verbal score.
As I am working, I don’t get time in single stretch for studies and there used to be breaks in continuity. Whenever I started my preparation, I used to find the same trivial materials without comprehensive information. Ultimately I did not find much improvement in my verbal skill.
Then, One of my friend suggested me to buy the E-gmat verbal live prep course. I bought it in may’14. I have completed the entire course and attended all live sessions and workshops. This time, because e-gmat course is structured and well presented, I could complete the course with the motivation that I can track my progress of learning. Above all strategies for answering the question are helped me a lot. Best things to achieve the very good accuracy are understanding the meaning, POE , identifying scope in CR and RC, eliminating obvious wrong answer choices in CR. Strategies for Reading also helped me to improve my comprehension and reduce time required for reading the passage.
After completion of course, I could not believe myself. I made at least 80% accuracy in wide range of materials, including OG, Veritas prep material.
After completion of course, my next target was to complete the test in time. Initially, I took at least 3:30 min for every question, because of that I could hardly complete any test, but my accuracy was around 80%. After attempting the test strategy live session at the end of the course, I could guide myself in achieving takt time. I purchased OG question pack and practiced as suggested in the session. Slowly, I improved my time from 3:30 min to 2:00 Min on average now.
Last month, I started taking full length tests. I got V 38 in 800 score tests, V 36 in GMAT club and V34 in GMAT prep.
Now I am practicing my Quant and IR at the same time I am practicing to improve 4-6 point improvement in verbal. I am planning to take GMAT in mid Jan’15.
I am very thankful to e-gmat. In my hectic work schedule also I could improve my verbal base line from 26 to 36 by sparing very less time. I hope with some more practice I could make it V40 (my goal V40-41, Q51).

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