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GMAT hit me hard....but there is hope!!


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I took the GMAT exam last week and did not do well, I had a woeful score of 530. I came back same day and took the last practice exam I had left to be double sure something is not wrong. My last GMAT official score was 540. How can I have up to a year of preparation and still score below my first score? Anyway, I took the last practice test again and scored 650! So what went wrong?

I sat down and reflected on what I must have and perhaps still doing wrong. I realized I had underrated the exam twice. I over guessed and did not follow all the instructions I got on the e-GMAT course I took. Perhaps let me emphasize this, GMAT is a very challenging exam if you do not do all the right things. The e-GMAT course is indeed the best for non-natives like me. My verbal on the real exam was 29 but on the same day in the GMATPrep second test, my verbal score was 36! It was then that I was able to realize that in the real exam, I did not follow all the rules I learnt on the Verbal Life Prep I enrolled for on e-GMAT and I got burnt. I would not blame e-GMAT. It is probably one of the best courses you can take out there. I can say this because I had paid for the Economist course, Magoosh and other not too popular online courses.

However, the only down side with e-GMAT is that the life sessions are too long for busy people to cope with. A session is typically about one hour an half long and not everyone has got that block of time for an interactive session.

Nevertheless, I and going back to the drawing board to take the exam again. I know I can do better than my score. I have re-enrolled for the GMAT exam again and I am sure this time, I should get a fantastic score. I should be able to give more reviews on my success when it eventually comes. I do know that at certain height there are no clouds, if you still have clouds in your life, then you have not soared high enough. This applies to the GMAT too.

Finally, my single advice is that you should take the exam seriously. If you are a non-native like me, religiously follow the e-GMAT videos and you’ll be alright.


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