January 04, 2015

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online


Initial GMAT score 640. Verbal was in low 30's :(
Material used:
OG 13 questions
SC by Aristotle

GMAT 2 score 680. Verbal improved by 2-3 points
At this point I did not even wanted to touch GMAT material anymore. I've got the rules but wasn't applying them correctly, I might apply one or 2 rules and then jump to an answer choice. Wasted hours of my time and effort.

e-GMAT Approach

I had attended one of e-gmat's free webinar where Meghna solved a 700 level SC question, which made complete sense as to how she got us to the correct answer.I took advantage of their coupon code and bought Verbal Live Prep. Finished one module after the other, it seemed I was getting closer and closer to a higher score in Verbal. If you are looking for 700+ score Verbal Online provides ample modules to pick up speed but if you need a little push with your study discipline go all in, get the Verbal Live Prep.

All I had to do was tune out the world and listen to how each question was solved, explaination on creating structure around SC or CR is a life saver! The live prep gives access to live sessions where you get to solve 700+ level questions with fellow GMAT takers, its a good way to gauge where you stand on which topic and take notes on the questions you could not solve. Best error log ever!

I am planning to take my GMAT in another month, using Rajat's tactical strategy for the last month prep before I hit the hot seat, wish me luck :).

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