January 09, 2015

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

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Let me start with first thing first, I am non-native speaker and I am still preparing for big day in Feb'15. while I am preparing I thought I will share my experience with the course, so others could benefit from the course and take advantage of this.


One of the best comprehensive module is Sentence Correction. Every single topic you could think of has been covered in detail with live sessions.I have tried Knewton too, but I must say I didn't regret at all having signed up for e-GMAT. all videos and live sessions are so great even if it's been years you haven’t seen grammar book or not familiar with basic grammar jargons. This course will fill the gap. Lot of PDF files on resource section I went through most of them along with videos really clear the concepts with examples.

After going through eGMAT SC I feel lot of confidence in SC questions even the toughest ones from OG13 I could crack within 2 minutes. I would highly recommend this course if you want to improve and get good score on verbal.

CR – it’s being more on logical side where some people don’t need lot of background rules once you get familiar with type of questions, but again you need process to tackle the questions. eGMAT CR pre-thinking helps a lot and it saves the time for sure. I have improved in section too.

RC – I liked break down approach of eGMAT. To take pause after each paragraph in passage or depending on logical shift within passage so you can digest what has been discussed and predict what could be coming next. I gained lot of improvement in RC questions after I finished lessons from RC.

Area of Improvement -

One of the area I see eGMAT should improve on having performance dashboard. I have seen dashboard from Manhattan(free account) and Maghoosh. I really wish if eGMAT could build something like that where one can see performance snapshot as in whole it’s really helpful to see the accuracy on higher level. Especially when you want to review questions you have struggled with or got wrong and even with timing issue. With dashboard you can simply filter and jump into topic where you see you have spent more time and have issues with topic. I am sure who has seen those dashboards could feel this need with eGMAT.

Overall I would recommend this course for verbal.

Nitin Khanna

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