January 10, 2015

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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Before taking up the E-Gmat Verbal Live Prep course, I attempted many SC, CR & RC questions from OG,Manhattan guides & Gmatclub forum. I got few correct & many of them incorrect. Even after solving aroud 500+ questions & reviewing their explanations, I never got a hang of the verbal section. I felt it was more about childhood habits, something that came naturally to the native english speakers & I won't be able to excel in it.

Solving plenty of questions, getting them wrong & going through the explanation never helped me progress, not even an inch. I was solving more, but wasn't learning. I could answer a question correctly only in the case if it was too easy or if a similarly structured question that I solved earlier appeared.
I almost gave up the hope of a high score until the day I attended the free session of CR by E-Gmat's RAJAT SADANA. I was so impressed that I immediately signed up for the course.

My learnings so far :
- The course helps you develop a strong FOUNDATION.
(With every session I could see the mistakes I made in my earlier approach)
- The course helps you improve your ABILITY & ACCURACY.
(Rajat always said focus on improving your ability, and that speed will come automatically. It does make a lot of sense - SPEED IS A BYPRODUCT OF YOUR ABILITY)
- The course helps you identify exactly WHY a particular answer choice is wrong.

The E-GMAT addon 'Scholaranium' is an excellent pool of easy, medium & difficulty level quizzes. The questions help you implement the concepts learned & test your preparation level. Every single question is really praise worthy.

The E-GMAT WORKSHOPS are an excellent source to test yourself across the pool of other E-GMAT students. I could easily see differences in my way of attempting the test & other students' approach.

After completing the course, my confidence level, my ability & accuracy has really zoomed high !!
All thanks to E-GMAT team for coming up with this excellent product.


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