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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I have my GMAT score in 2012 and get 570 (Q46, V23). At that time, I took another GMAT course. Based on the score, I realized that I am weak at verbal section. The root cause is lack of experience in learning English, so that I don't understand the basic of English. It's even more difficult because English is not my first language and my work do not relate with English literature.

E-gmat is not only help me with GMAT verbal question but also building my basic English foundation. If the foundation is strong then moving forward is easier. The way of e-gmat approach a question in GMAT is also effective. It encourages us to understand the meaning and then aim the problem specifically. Firstly, it seems too complicated and takes too much time, but as soon as we expert the approach, it makes us better and better. I haven't seen any better approach in solving GMAT verbal problem than this approach.

I haven't retaken my official GMAT test but my GMAT test prep score increased 30 points.

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