February 22, 2015

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Japinder Kaur

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I have joined Quant Live Prep Course with a plane slate, it has been almost 10 years when I left college and needed to brush up all my basics, it became really a task to concentrate and to start the study. As I am a busy profession I needed a structured approach for my study and that is when I got to know about the Quant Live Prep, it has given me solid start discussing all nuances of maths that you need to crack the GMAT, it discusses the concepts in such a manner that you really imbibe the learning. I believe cracking GMAT depends a lot on how you study, you may be good but may not be able to crack the GMAT Quant, that is when you require a course which is well crafted.

While the course discusses the fundamentals in detail in its video lesson, the live session teaches you how to solve the tough 700 level questions. Overall the course is really great and the best part is that you can learn whenever you want, on the go, in the car while travelling to office – good one for busy professionals.

A small suggestion/request to the EGMAT team, Please introduce a Scholaranium for Quant as well at the earliest.

Thanks EGMAT for making study easy for busy people..

Happy Learning..


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