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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I started my preparations an year back. I had OG 12 edition with me and i was looking for an online course specifically for Verbal section. Being an engineer i backed myself in regards to mathematics portion. I came across few options and decided to go with e-GMAT verbal Live prep course.
I would like to state my observations regarding the course:
1) Simplicity: The language with which the course has been explained throughout is easy to understand. Its well paced and balanced.
2) Structure: Entire portion of Verbal in GMAT is segmented nicely into little chunks, thereby making it easy for anyone to gauge the course level and one's standing at it.
3) Complete Coverage: I was particularly impressed by noticing that if i complete the course as its designed,i would not miss out on any concept. The course entails entire syllabus divided into little chunks. for example- The third topic in e GMAT SC course is Subject Verb agreement. the SV sections consists of-
a) SV- Makes sense
b) SV-Agree in number
c) SV-Always singular subjects
d) SV-Words that change number
e) SV- Concept Quiz
f) SV- Application File
g) SV- Practice File
h) SV- OG Quiz
One can easily make out the sheer length and breadth e-GMAT course covers.
4) OG Solved in Detail- All the questions of Official guide(more than 400) have been solved in the course with detailed explanation. This means if i apologize for stating the obvious- if you solve e GMAT verbal Live prep questions you will have automatically solved OG.
5) Practice Tests: Sheer number of practice tests is something which stands out. There is a practice test at the end of every topic.
6) Significant Increase in verbal scores of GMAT practice test:
My GMATPrep1 score-640
CAT1 score-620
after almost an year of using the material the scores:
GMATPrep2 - 700
CAT2 score- 690

I am still in pursuit of a good GMAT score.My test date is in a months time.
Hope this post helps!

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