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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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I registered for the e-gmat course in December'14 after completing the GMAT in Dec'14. I was not happy with my score, and decided to sign up. Prior to this, I went with the different course. I see a difference between e-gmat and Others. Personally, I feel that e-gmat is more detailed in teaching both Quant and Verbal. It teaches you the application, not just the rules. I can't comment on Word problems yet, as I just missed the session on word problems. The live sessions are great. Payal does a great job answering questions and going through the content. I am glad I found the course. I'm already seeing an improvement in my verbal accuracy. Thanks to e-gmat! My next GMAT exam is four weeks away, I'll continue to spend time going through their content!

The course is very well structured and makes you think logically even while reading the question.
I am still preparing for the exam, and can already see consuming lesser time in even understanding the question.
Number properties approach is all-together explained in so simple and basic format that it has started to look like a piece of cake.

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