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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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Honestly speaking, I have taken GMAT a few times, but have never scored what I desired. Throughout the process of preparing for exam and appearing for it, I found that some where my basics were weak or not clear.
I had signed up for classroom courses too, but due to constant travelling, I could not continue them on regular basis. So I was down to Preparing my self.
e-GMAT's course came as rescue for me. Besides the convenience of studying at convenient time, whether it is mid night or early morning, what I like more is the way concepts are taught. Unless the base is strong, you can not deal with the hard questions. Clear concept come in play specially in DS. I was very weak in DS and I was not able to figure out why. DS is tricky, if your concept is clear, you can solve it by not actually solving it completely and there by save some time. Going through the concepts and practising the sample questions during the course, and with further practice, I'm able to hit 90% plus accuracy. Which is great. I have been a mediocre student and these positive results have inspired me to put more efforts.

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