May 21, 2015

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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Hi e-GMAT Team,
I am taking this opportunity to thank all e-GMAT Instructors for helping me to improve my Verbal Score. I recently took GMAT exam. I have received a 100 score improvement. This is my second attempt. My first attempt was self prepared attempt. During my first attempt, I found very difficulty to grasp Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. I went to search for a Verbal course that will help me thoroughly. So I happen to go through many reviews of different test prep companies. But I found that e-GMAT is the best resource for a non-native speaker to strengthen his/her verbal knowledge. Going through those reviews, I took e-GMAT course. They have a well- planned schedule with the Pre-requisites to be met before the live classes during Saturdays and Sundays. During those hours, We can interact with the corresponding Instructor and clear our doubts. Also, Whenever I posted any doubts on their forums, they always gave a timely help with the clear cut ideas. But before my second attempt, I could complete only Sentence Correction Course. Now I can say that I am very much confident in approaching SC questions and their process of teaching helped me to plug out my vague ideas that I had before. Now I am into the third retake attempt of GMAT exam. So this time, my target is to learn Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension section from e-GMAT Verbal live prep Course. If I could get this much score improvement, I strongly believe that my third attempt score will be an amazing one. Now-a-days, I have started suggesting my peers, who have strong interest to pursue MBA or improve English, to take e-GMAT course. After taking this course, I think I have improved a lot in my written English too. Why I said so is that I saw an amazing score improvement in my AWA section. I am very much happy that God helped me to find best Verbal course that I ever had.
Thank you

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