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Initially i had a go at the MGMAT books and I was able to score 46 in my quants. After that I was unable to boost my scores past 46. I was stuck and on reviewing the wrong choices i understood that I was not clear with certains basics especially with Probability , Exponents and Numbers. I tried reading the books again and still I found it not helping me out. Then I signed up for the Quant prep course in e-gmat, which was a very good one. I already had signed up for the verbal and hence I wanted to try the quants course as well. The course really helped me to understand the concepts better. The course is segregated into five major topics and sub topics under each major topic. I ran through the concepts that I already knew and then i focused on the topics that i was not confident enough. I even found the Number properties section really helpful. I then tried to test myself using the gmat club tests and I was able to score a 50, 49 and 50 in consecutive three tests which i took on three different days. I was scoring 46 in my earlier tests in the gmat club tests. I also took two free tests in GMat prep and scored 50 in both. So, I thought of sharing this with others and i definitely know that there are others who are struggling to boost their scores into the 50's. I hope my review will be useful to them.

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