May 01, 2015

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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Japinder Kaur

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Hello All,
Firstly, I appreciate the structure of the e-GMAT Quant Live Prep course a lot, as the flow is similar to way learning cycle is required for GMAT-Quant and also it aids in handling question in follow-on modules.
There is great emphasis on Number properties with two live sessions, which form the back bone for addressing all the questions on GMAT.
After these two sessions on number properties I had a strong foundation for other modules.

After attending each of the Live sessions, I can surely say that there is GREAT Learning in every question you answer on e-GMAT Quant-Live sessions.
The logic shared as part of solutions shared are so useful that if put in practice, the complex problems look very simple and easy.

The questions are rightly framed with aim to get the participants into 50+ level grove. The instructors make the learning of these complex questions very simple making one to follow the right approach and create thinking that is needed when looking at questions with multiple logical thoughts embedded within.

I am sure that this has provided me a strong foundation and aided me to view the questions from different scenarios and use appropriate logic at right place.

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