May 26, 2015

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Importance of process!!!


Improvement 20 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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Being a re-taker it was really difficult to re-start my preparation as earlier, I was very low in confidence while solving the verbal questions. So, I decided to join the verbal live course of e-gmat after attending one of the free webinars.
Honestly, all the sections of verbal were my weakness but SC being the weakest. Starting my preparation with SC I learned the 3-step process of solving the SC questions. So slowly but steadily my confidence boosted and I fearlessly started attacking even complex sentences. To understand the meaning first, then look for the errors and finally POE was really important to solve the SC questions. Key was to rigorously sticking to the PROCESS.
Then for CR, the process of pre-thinking really improved my accuracy in solving the CR especially assumption and evaluate type questions. It is really important to take out 15-20 secs for pre-thinking after understanding the argument before jumping to POE. Pre-thinking is very much important and essential to solve the CR questions. 15-20 secs saved around 45-60 secs of my time.
While solving the RC passages I learned the importance of active reading and paragraph wise understanding. This really boosted my confidence to solve the inference and main idea type questions.
Finally, the question bank of Scholaranium was like the icing on the cake. Over 600 numbers of different GMAT like questions along with different level were really important to know my accuracy and ability level. In Scholaranium, I could create my own verbal test to check my level and to know how much more time I should give to what section. I would really recommend all the GMAT takers to go for this particular course.!! All the best.. 

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