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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

I had signed up for egmat verbal live prepartion and found the course to be very helpful. Being a non native speaker i did not have much idea regarding the intricacies of sentence construction,grammar and sentence comprehension. However this course is a good point for building strong foundation for the primary concepts of sentence building. The course contents are easy to understand and the live sessions are interactive and stresses to relevant gmat like questions. The assesments at the end of the courses also helps to understand the current level of understanding of the concepts and their explanations are self explanatory.It is one of the best course for non-native speakers. Moreover I further liked their quiz section in which questions are very close to Gmat questions and test the concepts frequently tested on Gmat. I would recommend this course to all serious aspirants. Thanks.

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