June 25, 2015

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Not a good use of time for 48+ retakers


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I scored Q48 on the real GMAT, but being from an overrepresented demographic, I decided to try and boost my Q score. I took a chance on e-GMAT.

This course would be a great starting point if you're scoring below 48 or just beginning your quant studies. Unfortunately, this wasn't a good use of my time. Since I already had such a solid understanding of the concepts, I spent much of the course filtering out what to "re-learn" in the e-GMAT way. The course material is incredibly comprehensive - Japinder and Harsh were particularly great instructors - but there was absolutely NO focus on test-taking strategy (which in my opinion, is at least 40% of scoring in the 80th percentile and above).

My score on the real GMAT actually decreased. I suspect that trying to learn e-GMAT's methods was overkill for someone like me who had already put in months of study. In addition, I was very disappointed in Payal's response - she simply said that I must have made silly errors, implied e-GMAT had nothing to do with it, and then told me my score was good enough anyways so there was no point in retaking. So disappointing, especially because I've been so impressed by Payal's SC seminars!

Overall, if you are already scoring 48+, I advise looking elsewhere to focus on test-taking strategy and deep error analysis.

July 01, 2015

I am very sorry that the poster – Jeena - was not able to improve her score. Our goal is to help every student improve and we guarantee the score improvement. Unfortunately Jeena (the posted in question), could not improve her score, and accordingly we refunded her entire amount right away.

"The Course and Test Taking Strategies"

As Jeena noted, the course is quite comprehensive and we had to extremely dedicated instructors in Japinder and Harsh who go to great lengths to help our students. The fact that they work full time doing just that helps a lot. The course did help Jeena (the student in question) improve as well, as evident from the fact that she was constantly able to score Q50 in GMAT Prep and other mocks - a feat that she probably was not able to achieve in her first attempt. Similarly the course has helped multiple numerous students ace GMAT Quant as evident from debriefs such as the one below and from the fact that the course has overwhelmingly positive reviews (96%+). There is no Quant Only course ion the forum that parallels the same.

Success Story:

"Sometimes the Simplest Explanations are the Best"

I know that we all like to uncover sophisticated reasons for not doing well on the GMAT. However, sometimes the simplest of reasons are the ones that make the most sense, especially in this case. In general there are 5 reasons that a student scores really poorly on the test:
1. The student is not prepared well enough
2. The student loses stamina (should not matter for Quant).
3. The student makes careless mistakes in the initial questions?
4. The student makes mistakes throughout the test.
5. The student is nervous about the timed nature of the test.

Now let’s put this in context for Jeena – the student in question here. Jeena scored 730 in her second attempt, improving her Verbal score from V41 to V45; i.e. she score 99 percentile on GMAT Verbal. Also, prior to her second attempt, Jeena consistently scored Q50 on her mocks. Lastly, Jeena has attempted the GMAT twice and has scored really well on both attempts, indicating that she is not a nervous test taker.

Considering all of the above, it’s very clear that Jeena was not exhausted in Quant, otherwise she would not have been able to score V45 in Verbal. Similarly, given that she is a good test taker and given she consistently scored Q50 in her mocks and given that she did the course reasonably well, it’s safe to assume that she prepared well. Now where that does leave us – careless mistakes.

We understand that such situations are unfortunate and that is why we offer full refund as a consolation in the event that you do not score well. I know that the intent of taking the course is not to get a refund however that’s the most that we, as a test prep company, can do to ease the pain. The last thing that I want to say is that out of the 1400+ Quant Students that we have had during the last 10 months, 96% of them have improved better than the guarantee that we offer. Had we not done so, we would not have had so many positive verified reviews.

I did send this detailed explanation to Jeena recently and she did agree to the same. Below is a screenshot of her email.

In the end, I wish her good luck for her applications. 730 is a great score and will push her case at any school of her choosing.


Rajat Sadana

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