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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

e-Gmat is a great course for all the Non- Native aspirant Gmaters. I had tried many courses before e-gmat and had failed miserably to see any score improvement. But after taking e-gmat i was confident to take the test as i was confident on the concepts and was ready to apply e-gmat strategy to all the question. I will most definitely recommend this course to all(Natives and Non-Natives). I am still Continuing with the course as i would like to continue my growth in my verbal Score.

Scororium is a good Platform that really helps you to gauge your preparation and helps you focus on the area that requires your attention.

The live session are an amazing platform for student to have a classroom feeling. Payal is an amazing instructor, her live session are one of the best session i have attended. if you have attended other courses you would know that the instructors sometimes will give you some random approach and are often confused in you ask a tricky question. But with Payal that not the case, she is undoubtedly a mater in Sentence correction approach. Her approach has really helped me to increase my score, and i continuing with the course to future increase my score to My Target Score.

Thanks for your Time.

I hope e-gmat turns out helpful to you as much it was for me.

P.s: If you are still looking for a course i would request you to attend one of live session.

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