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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

Location Online

The course is structured beautifully. The basics are taught, followed by short tests to put the theory into practice. This helps completely understand the concept. The practice tests and the advanced tests help strengthen your foundation.
Now comes , for me, the best part. It's called Scholaranium. Its a tool which helps you create your own quizzes for Verbal. It also calculates your accuracy and ability scores. Tracking and reviewing your answered questions is made very easy.It is absolutely wonderful.
It is actually quite easy to consider quantitative section as the easier section. I made that mistake. I was over confident in my quant ability and i realized that quite late in my preparation. But once i started the Quant course, i felt at ease as the structured approach put me at ease and my confidence in my quant ability grew once more.

In the end, this is the GMAT course you should only consider. The approach to Verbal and Quant makes things extremely easy and the course also helps you develop and enhance your test taking skills.
I am yet to take my GMAT, but i have been doing well in my mocks and i hope for the best.

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