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I've been trying for some time to get my head around figuring out a strategy to prepare for GMAT Verbals. My first GMAT attempt was in 2008 when I was just following the answer explanations given in the OG, but just like others, I couldn't get a grasp because I was not able to put together a clear approach to verbal questions. The result, my 2008 GMAT test was a disaster,....don't was below average. I lost my confidence and focused on my job and now after 7 long years, I have decided to give another try to GMAT.

I began looking for materials/study sources in Nov 2014 and came across many online courses, forums and I finally subscribed to Gmat club form, to understand more about the course and learn about how others feel about taking a retest after a long gap. I must say that I had strong inhibition to re-take GMAT test because I now have 10 years work exp and it's been really long since I tried my skills on mathematics or for that matter verbals. I am also not a avid reader of novels, besides management/marketing books, so my verbal wasn't that great. I somehow had the confidence on the quants, feeling that somehow I will be able to crack it with a little bit of brushing....but was hunting for courses for verbal.
After realizing my weakness, I decided I needed coaching on verbals, from the basics to expertise. And I found many courses on GMAT club forum, so that was pleasing.....but then the challenge was which one to select. I subscribed to Magoosh, and eGMAT with their trial period offer. Of the two, I was better able to relate with eGMAT course as the latter took me from the basics and provided step by step approach on how to approach a problem. So, I subscribed to their Verbal Live Prep as it was perfectly suited to my timings. The verbal live classes on weekends were really helpful to understand the concepts and clarify doubts. I was equally impressed with all the three courses CR, RC and SC. I l would say RC the most because that was my weakest section. Within 3 months I was able to improve my scores on mock tests. The concept of Pre-Thinking really works and I was able to improve my RC score from 20% accuracy to 75% accuracy within 3 months.

All in all, I would recommend anyone to take up e-GMAT Verbal Live Prep.

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