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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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At first, I think that I can pass 700 by myself, reading only the books as always. However, I still not reach my goal(700) after my third attempt on GMAT. I feel hopeless. So, I decided to register with e-GMAT and give it another shot. Although I haven't take the fourth test, I'm sure that I can make a useful review to this e-GMAT course.

I'm good in reading and grammar from the criteria of my country. However, I feel impossible to cross 700 line. I've tried a lot of books and sample courses from many brands. It seems to me that those lessons base on native speaker's instinct, which I totally can't understand. I feel totally normal to which sentences that seem awkward to them. I also not satisfy with some of their explanation. I’m looking for a course that can clearly explain the reasons for wrong answers as well as correct answer. I end up with e-mat because I was impressed by the modifier topic written by e-GMAT in gmat-club SC forum.

In e-GMAT course, I found it totally different. The lessons clearly explain the rules and usage. For example, they literally list the way to use the v-ing modifier. What it does when it is place after the comma or right after the noun. Can it also modify the phrase instead noun. It totally enlightened me. They always put up the examples which help me understand it easier. The best thing is that they always use the rules with the official questions and the rules fit every questions, no exception. Also, the way of thinking that they teach for CR part is very useful. It is clear and concise for every question. The course also has “Scholaranium” which is a system that can evaluate every aspect of your skill that necessary for the test. You will know where is your weak spot, so you can improve precisely that spot and significantly improve you score.

I hope this review can help you make the right decision.

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