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eGMAT Verbal Live Prep, 650 to 750 in 10 Months


Improvement 100 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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eGMAT Verbal Live Prep was the reason why I was able to show 100 point increase over the course of my 3 attempts, going from V30 to V44 in 10 months. I did start my verbal live prep program on recommendations online and after trying it out for free, I was sure that this is a good investment. I gave my GMAT prep 1st CAT and scored very low in verbal and I could see that I needed help with verbal. As soon as I had enrolled in eGMAT Verbal Live Prep (VLP), I was provided with a very detailed and systematic study plan that I should follow. This plan kept me in check all throughout and made sure that the proper foundations were laid before advanced concepts were introduced. I have no qualms in accepting the fact that I could have obtained a good score in my 1st attempt itself had I not deviated from the methods taught by eGMAT. The tutors were very helpful be it moderating strategy sessions, providing lectures via pre recorded videos or answering to the questions posted on online forums and their own question forums. The articles covering various concepts in SC, CR and RC were very well written and have been appreciated by many online forum goers.
I started with SC and I was amazed to see how seemingly straightforward concepts such as subject verb agreement, modifier and parallelism could be used to make difficult questions. Herein lies eGMAT’s greatest strength: to break down seemingly impossible to understand SC prompts into smaller segments and then analyze in detail each component of the sentence. The videos started with simple concepts and then finally went onto more advanced concepts such as modifiers and parallelism. As a non-native English speaker with exposure to English from a very early age, I was confident with my grammar rules but I was proven wrong by the diagnostic GMATPREP CAT. eGMAT showed that there is a method and logic behind every step even in SC and that if you are systematic with your approach , you can tackle toughest of SC questions with absolute ease. The insistence on understanding the meaning of SC prompts removed my fear of completely underlined sentences and led me to high timed accuracy in OG,GPREP qbank and exam pack 1. I realized the importance of following a set method to tackle a particular question type only after my 1st attempt, until when I used to employ brute force methods. eGMAT showed me that there was elegance in the ways to tackle the different questions types and subtypes. The videos were very clear, I was able to play them on any media be it windows or iOS without any issues, pre and post assessment quizzes were of particular help in understanding what needs to be focused on. One of the most useful things in their videos was the ability to see the “summary” slide that will summarize the contents of the preceding video.
Once I got a grasp of SC, I moved onto CR, following their detailed schedule and again saw that there was set method to every CR question type. The focus on understanding the conclusion, how premises relate to the conclusion, “PRETHINKING”, “NEGATION TECHNIQUE” etc techniques were hugely helpful. The videos started with the topic at hand, followed by some very thoughtfully crafted question to cement what was covered in the videos. Prethinking enabled me to understand the scope of the question, the relationships between elements in the CR prompt and understand why the incorrect answer choices were incorrect. In GMAT, every incorrect question is wrong for a particular/solid reason. If you are eliminating a choice without that reason, you will end up choosing incorrect options. eGMAT CR provided the tools to understand why is an option incorrect, be it out of scope, similarly worded but incorrect option, partially correct options, opposite choice etc. Unless you understand how GMAT can give you incorrect options based on above reasons, you will not be confident in choosing an answer (my situation in the 1st attempt). Again, I only realized the importance of applying a set method just before my 2nd attempt. eGMAT’s focus on breaking down any argument into its respective elements, understanding the linkages and prethinking provided you 70% of the total work required for answering a question correctly. Rest 30% would come from POE of options provided. I was able to increase my accuracy in OG CR questions from 55% to 90%+ with eGMAT’s CR module.
The 3rd step was finishing the RC module which again taught a couple of useful tactics to be an active reader and to be involved with the passage. eGMAT RC also provided the tools to understand why is an option incorrect, be it out of scope, similarly worded but incorrect option, partially correct options, opposite choice etc. Once you became fully engrossed with the passage (by following eGMAT’s advice), finding the correct answer via POE became very straightforward.
Finally, VLP also included IR (for free) which is a nice gesture on eGMAT’s part. The IR module videos dealt with all the different question types and provided good practice with end of the video practices.
I don’t think this review will be complete without talking about this new tool that eGMAT has come out with and is included in eGMAT VLP (as of writing this review). It is called scholaranium and is an absolute must to complement verbal practice from OG and GMATPREP. Scholaranium comes with an “ability” evaluation technique that tells where exactly do you stand (percentile wise) for a particular section (SC or CR or RC) or verbal (all sections combined). This was a very useful tool for me as I was able to do targeted practice for areas I was faltering on. I used to use scholaranium to hone my skills via sectional quizzes and even sub sectional targeted practice. The collection of 600+ questions is an amazingly crafted collection consisting of questions from 3 difficulty levels. The explanations are very detailed and are provided for all the questions and you can even post your doubts and one of the eGMAT experts will respond to your doubts soon enough.
The live sessions were very useful starting from the strategy sessions with Rajat to content based SC/CR and RC sessions. These live sessions would be repeated every month, so if you missed out 1 recording, you could go back and review it under your account page. The questions cited, reviewed and discussed during these sessions were very demanding and thought provoking. These sessions complement very well the course content presented via SC, CR and RC modules.
As for pricing is concerned, I believe eGMAT is the best online course available that is total worth the money you spent. It is cheaper than the other course providers but is definitely not lacking in any quality of content. The quantity of questions should be close to 2500 and all are high quality questions. Additionally as VLP has a validity of 6 months, I had to renew it twice but was provided a discounted price by eGMAT and really appreciate this.
To summarize, eGMAT VLP is a definite buy for non native English speakers as they understand the needs of these non native speakers and have the course tailored for them.

Although, I did select Payal under the "Instructor Name" but this shout out goes out to the entire eGMAT team. Keep up the great work you guys are doing.

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