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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

Location Online

I was a re-taker who had earlier taken GMAT in April 2014, when I joined e-GMAT in May 2015. More than a year had passed and I wanted to start my GMAT preps from the beginning. Based on reviews provided in GMATClub and after attending some of the live sessions offered by e-GMAT, I decided to join e-GMAT. The three things that make this course special are:
1. The clear-cut strategies for every question type it offers.
2. The course structure, which takes the student from the basics to the advanced level
3. The proficient instructors it has for delivering its live prep courses. Instructors who are good at handling online courses, with several participants and still not compromising on the quality of the course.

In short, E-GMAT live prep course is for anyone who wants to follow a structured approach in their preparations. This course does what it promises to provide and is a really great course for those aiming for decently good score in GMAT.

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