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e-gmat quant live - Very well structured course


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I have greatly benefitted from the e-gmat quant live course. Below are some of the features of the course which I particularly liked -

1. The course is very well structured and divided into modules by subject area. You can learn them at your own pace - suits me particularly given my work schedule.

2. Each course has a quiz at the beginning and at the end. They are timed quizzes (similar to Scholaranium) - which helped me a great deal in building pace/stamina for the main exam.

3. Lots of practice problems ... I don't think you need any additional practice. The part that helped me most is there are a lot of higher difficulty 'intimidating' problems with very detailed explanations.

4. Although I come from an engineering background, I am not good at probability and permutation combination. This course simplifies the concept - and teaches very simple methods to solve those problems

5. Live Sessions - I think this is the one of best features.I went through the recordings for the live sessions and the problems solved in those sessions helped me to increase my score level.

6. Last but not the least is amazing customer support :)

Kudos to Rajat, Payal and team for putting the course together!

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