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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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In my first attempt, I signed up for a bangalore based test prep company and studies for more than 7 months and got Q40. The problem was that the did not teach the basic concepts very clearly and instead started teaching to solve complex problems. Also they taught shortcuts for each problem and they took a different approach to solve each problem What I found at the end was that the shortcuts and the approaches worked only for the problems from their course and when i took the actual test, i could not solve most of the problems and got Q40. Then I found e-GMAT course. Initially I used only verbal live prep and i was my accuracy increased in verbal after using e-GMAT course. Then I thought i will just spend extra $150 and see how this quant live prep is going to be. Later I realized that that was the best thing i did. I am out of college for almost 7-8 years now and this Quant course was very helpful to teach me all math concepts required for GMAT exam. I digested all the concepts very clearly and had a standard approach for each question type. Even though it took little longer to apply the standard approach for each problem, it helped me improve my accuracy. Its certain that we cannot answer all the questions correct in GMAT, but the eGMAT concepts with enough practice tests will be sufficient to score Q 50 / 51. After using this math course for 3 months, i got Q-50 in my second attempt.

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