December 23, 2015

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EGMAT : Verbal live prep a great course


Improvement 180 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

Location Online

I have taken my first gmat in dec 2013 and it was complete disaster . I have scored 17 on verbal and i had completely broken by my performance and i thought of not giving the GMAT again . In the month of april 2015 i again restarted my preparation and after lot of research i have taken E-gmat VLP and quant online course . From day one i was feeling the improvement in SC,RC and CR . E-gmat strategy for SC is very helpful , their course material are also very exhaustive .Live sessions are the application of the concept taught on the concept files . After completing SC i have done RC . understanding sentence structure helped me improving the RC . CR has six live session .Once completing the materials one will definitely see improvement in their score .

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