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After enrolling in e-gmat Verbal Live Prep 2 years ago I again signed up (at 50 % cost ) as I wanted to give one more try to GMAT; along with that I signed for e-gmat Quant Live Prep which was not there 2 years back . My last Official GMAT Quant score was 39 (44 in Mocks ) , I found it difficult to increase my GMAT Quant score above 45 . I was preparing my GMAT Quant from Indian CAT books and found some topics such as Inequality , Absolute value , Numbers etc difficult (as they were not covered well ) . After signing up for e-gmat Quant Live Prep I read theory and application files , there is a lot of course material which is new to me ( I did not read from Indian CAT books ). E-gmat people have really done their homework well by covering all the topics adequately , they have also file of topic-wise Official Guide Questions to be solved . I hope to increase my Official Quant Score to 49 to get the optimal GMAT score . I regularly attend live sessions which are very helpful to clear any doubts . E-gmat Team is very helpful and easily accessible for query . Recommended for Non-natives who do not have required training in standardized testing and natives whose Quant skills need improvement .

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