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Definitely a good investment


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Shraddha Jaiswal

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When I 1st thought of taking up GMAT, I knew verbal is where I’ll fall. After going through MGMAT SC and CR practicing a lot from different sources, I scored 28 in verbal which solidified my fear. I immediately started preparing for my 2nd attempt but was in doubt as I didn’t have clear plan for verbal. One of friends recommended e-GMAT to me and after attending the free strategy and RC class, I was confident that it’ll be helpful for me.
My weakest area, being a non-native, was SC. In my 1st attempt I was completely surprised that the questions I was doing in the actual test were out of my comprehension, even though I did go through a number of materials online and scored above 700 multiple times during the prep. After attending the 1st few classes of SC, my problem was clear to me. I had difficulty understanding the meaning of the question. My previous strategy was to look for an error in question and read all the options and eliminate them accordingly.
e-GMAT focus on meaning understanding really helped me. For me best aspect of the course were the live sessions. I was able to clear my doubts and at the same time see various others queries and problems which my fellow classmates were having. The discussion in live session really helped me hone my verbal understanding.
Fortunately after just a 45 days of signing up, I gave my 2nd attempt and scored 37 in verbal, yielding an overall score of 730.
I would recommend e-GMAT to anyone having difficulties in verbal. Their course structure is designed help noobs & pros alike. Most importantly it won’t hurt your pocket as much as its competitive courses would.

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