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Fabulous Verbal Course


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

Prior starting GMAT preparation, I had a chance to join e-gmat free strategy workshop, which Rajat shared his opinions on how GMAT aspirants should prepare for exam. The session was really useful to me. Later, I decided to enrol for e-gmat verbal live prep.
Once I started verbal preparation, I've found that e-gmat strategy taught for SC and CR is very effective. Initially, it was bit hard to follow but over the time I made a routine to follow the instruction and it became easy. The live session is very useful place to learn from other attendees. It helps you learn, practice questions, and gives you opportunities to practice concepts you just learned. I have found that e-gmat concept files and practice questions tests your understanding and application of those concept. E-gmat strategy teaches you how to eliminate wrong answers in SC. My favourite part was modifier. I did not have clear understanding of modifier prior taking e-gmat verbal live prep.
The course not only has helped in verbal preparation but also to write better English at work. I highly recommend the course who are planning to take GMAT.

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