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egmat Quant Live Prep - Simple yet effective!


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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Egmat’s Quant Live Prep offers a very simple format. They’ve broken down the content in their concept files to such granular level, that you’re actually reminded of your 10th grade maths classroom sessions! But that’s the best part of egmat. It explains the concepts in a lot of detail, rounding up each concept file with a list of key approaches to remember under each topic.
Each topic starts with a diagnostic test to help you assess your existing competency, followed by the concept file. This is immediately followed by a series of practice questions that push you to apply these concepts then and there before you forget and help cement what you’ve just learned.
With each short test, the target score is mentioned, so you know with a particular score where you stand and what more you need to work on. Egmat seems to have thought through the entire course from a student’s perspective, highlighting the common mistakes test-takers make and simplifying the concepts they struggle with. Definitely one of the best Prep courses available for GMAT quant!

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