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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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I start from the day i started my preparation in 2012 and gave GMAT after going through OG and some more concepts on Quant. I gave the Exam after studying for almost two months along with my demanding Job with only Sunday as a holiday. I got 630. Verbal was a disaster there. Though i was ok with Quant score but needed more improvement on it. Though quant comes automatically, focus was to improve on both Verbal and Quant. Got busy with the job and could not pursue the prep again, but started preparing all over again in Sept 2015.
When i started preparing again, read about E-Gmat course on Google. After going through several other books i was not satisfied with the method which i should use. But seeing the free online videos of E-Gmat, available for Sentence correction and Critical reasoning, i was very much impressed. I started to use the learned concepts in the OG questions and the result was a big difference. I soon opted for Verbal Live prep.
The step by step division of the course content is the best part of the E-gmat Course. It is by far the most structured course i have come across. Also the new addition of the Articles, written by various instructors adds wonders to the concept. The practice after each module boosts the morale and the confidence in the particular topic. For me verbal workshop conducted by shraddha was of great help. She clearly explained the way we can focus more to complete 8 questions right rather than all 10. Rajat also explained this in a very nice way in strategy sessions. It was an awesome help tip.
The three step process of Sentence Correction improved my Sentence correction accuracy to more than 90 %. CR for me was good, but pre-thinking process made it more structured and it increased the confidence that i am marking the right choice by knowing the way to eliminate the choices. How to eliminate the choices is one of the key features that helped me a lot in marking the right answer.
Summarizing each paragraph in reading comprehension was the best strategy i liked and in one verbal lecture Neeti taught that the paragraphs are progressive, so no need to stop if some things are not clear. It will be understood later. That one was the next big help.
This course not only taught the way to conquer GMAT but also helped me in writing good English.
Though i thought i was good in quant, but something was lagging. I was not able to apply the concept within two minutes. So i enrolled for Quant course too. That was i must say the best step i took. The concepts are very much structured and filled the places where i was lagging.

The Scholaranium for both Quant and verbal is of great help, after one is done with OG and the Course content, because once the prep is over, we are short of more practice questions. The questions are almost of the same pattern as are asked in real GMAT, so it is of great practice. Also the whole data is available to revise and see the mistakes again and gain. How other people have attempted the Scholaranium also helps in identifying the areas which can be improved.
I would say that there is nothing without Practice and Scholaranium provided enough questions. There is no need of thinking where to get more practice questions after you are done with OG and the course material. The questions provided here are more than sufficient for practice.
I finally scored 700 (Q 50, V34). Verbal i could have improved more but i was stuck on one RC in the Real GMAT and was not able to understand a single line of it. That was the last RC and i was already exhausted.)
I would recommend a must go course if anyone want to improve for both verbal and Quant. A course that will teach good English without actually teaching the grammar jargons such as gerund, prepositions, conjunctions etc.

Thank you ( Rajat and team).

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