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e-GMAT verbal preparation


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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October 2015 – V19
March 2016 – V29 (After e-GMAT preparation)

I am a non native English speaker and have been prepping for the GMAT for a quite sometime from august 2015. I took my first official GMAT test last october and the outcome is as you could see above. I am not yet done and will write my 3rd very soon. I started my preparation with the OG and going through tens of forum posts on GMAT Club. However, by october 2015 I was ready, or so I felt. The preparation material I have used were Manhatten prep, GMAT club test, Powerprep and GMAC prep. I was quite confident of getting a 700+ score as the mock tests were giving me quite assuring results. However as it turned out to be the actual score in verbal was a disaster. I couldn't find any explanation to my results as I thought memorising the rules will make me successful in answering verbal questions. I find there is no shortage in these book itself, however, later I came to believe that the key is to understand the question and apply the correct approach in answering the GMAT questions.

As I couldn't sort out the reason for my poor score I was undecided as to my next move in Verbal. Frustrated and unwilling to give up I wrote a review in GMAT club forum to understand what actually went wrong. Thats when I was contacted by Rajat explaining about the e-GMAT verbal live prep course and its success among non native speakers. At first I was reluctant but later decided to invest in Verbal live prep after attending some live preparation session as I saw the difference in how the verbal session was approached. Now that I realize the values that the courses offered and I've been through others', I think I can provide my thoughts into E-GMAT verbal preparation course.

- I should say the SC course is brilliant ! It took me some time to understand how to go about the preparation. But do get the preparation schedule as proscribed and stick to it. The course material is laid out in such fashion that it starts from scratch with some basic grammer rules to topic by topic approach. Each topic is arranged systematically in small chapters from basic to advanced level each containing pre-quiz, then concept explanation and post assessment quiz followed by E-GMAT practice questions and OG questions.

The valuable bit I found apart from answeting the questions correctly is the explanation as to why the other answer choices are incorrect. This has helped me a lot in testing my understanding as well as reinforcing my foundations. This is especially valuable for non-English speakers to approach the questions systematically and get the right answer.

- CR course though needed a different approach in answering the questions I found the e-GMAT 3 step approach of understanding the argument, prethinking and selecting the answer choice as a valuable tool. Especially the prethinking was an eye opener as this has focused my thought process in selecting the correct choice.

Though some of the questions were way out, the underlying course material for CR was good trying to focalise on question types and how to go about solving them. The Quiz platform is brilliant with brilliant analytics and also the choice to pick easy, moderate and hard questions.

- RC course is also very good. I started out as not as strong but now these are my comfortable subjects. E-gmat did a good job but practice and practice until it makes you comfortable.

e-GMAT's staff were keen to get the questions answered and correct any gap in the understanding. As well as the e-GMAT support team response are always quick and helpful. Overall, I'm completely satisfied with both the courses and I hope to return here with my success story.

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