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e-GMAT's Verbal Live Prep to beat the Gmat Verbal


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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I am a non-native of English and earlier I had difficulties in understanding the meaning of the sentences and to know what the author wants to communicate. My Gmat verbal score in my two previous attempts is V25. After attending the VLP classes conducted by e-GMAT's faculty I understood how to analyse a given question and answer it. I learned that the first and foremost criteria to answer a question is to understand the meaning of that. The three step process followed in answering the questions is a very beneficial approach and is simply amazing. As claimed in the course at first I felt difficult and used to take long time in answering the questions. But now I am able to analyse the question quickly, pre-think the answer to get the overall idea of the question and then proceed to answer the question. I feel truly that I am improving day to day.
Hence I strongly suggest you guys to take this course to beat the GMAT VERBAL.
The course instructions are very simple and its like you are taught by a private teacher and you can study at your own pace. Also there is round the clock support for your queries, and most of your doubts get cleared instantly by looking at the discussions at the end of each question. Moreover all you need is a steady internet with optimum speed. No wastage of time in commuting to attend the classes.

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