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I have taken few courses from various MBA test prep companies in India, although not all of these courses were for GMAT.

However, for GMAT I have taken courses from Byju's Classes and e-GMAT.

I took the e-GMAT's GMAT Verbal Prep course and I must say the course offered by e-GMAT is pretty good.

It helped a lot in knowing the nuances of the English language, and this allows me to have great confidence while solving the Sentence correction problems.

This is a great deal for any non-native speaker like me, who doesn't have the inherent luxury of knowing the language in and out.

The Sentence Correction section of the e-GMAT helps you by providing step by step process of getting to the answers.

The online interface is very interactive and gives you a better pictorial representation of the concept, you are trying to learn.

Though, I have not been able to use it as much as I would have liked to, because of the work pressure and time crunch in my current job.

I have written a GMAT once last year, without any prep, while working. And not to my surprise the score was not great.

I am going to write my second attempt pretty soon, and this time I am more confident, more aware of my abilities, and with e-GMAT's verbal online, I feel more powerful to take on the mighty GMAT.

I think this attempt will really help me to get to my dream B-school.

I would write a detailed debrief, post my exam.

Wish everyone luck.


Kind Regards

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