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EGMAT | Verbal Live


Improvement 60 Points

Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

I came across the e-GMAT verbal course while browsing through the GMATCLUB. My last GMAT verbal score was 19 and despite solving tonnes of questions I was going nowhere. I decided to give the course a try and attended a free session. Impressed by their strategy, I decided to take the course for SC online and after liking it upgraded to GMAT Live. This course changed the way I approached verbal. I was initially just focused on getting the right answer. The e-gmat strategy focused on meaning, error and poe took sometime to practice but once done it started showing results. Now I look forward to SC. My scaled score on mocks is close to 77 and my gmat verbal score in mocks is around 32/33.

e-GMAT also introduces you to the concept of prethinking in CR which becomes critical as you approach questions of higher difficulty.

Also, their assessment tool scholaranium helps you measure your current ability and focus on your weak areas. I am scheduled for the gmat in a month and I am regularly working with it to raise my score further.

If you are serious about GMAT, E-gmat verbal is equivalent to official guide in your GMAT Prep. Include those 2 and your verbal prep is complete.

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