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e-gmat verbal live prep review - before the test


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Neeti Sohal

Location Online

I had thought of writing this review after taking my GMAT but it’s almost 19 days away so here you go –

The best thing about the e-gmat course is that all the material is together at one place so you won’t have to look at 15 books, 20 sites and 25 note books and you can carry it anywhere. That the material is as comprehensive as it can be is a bonus. Icing on the cake, if you have taken the live prep, is the way any concept is explained during the live sessions. The lessons are animated so that you can go through them at any time and even while you’re doing something else. Also, you see the lesson and you hear the audio which minimizes any outside interference or distraction (I use a headphone for maximum use).

The first live session for me was the free RC session. It’s just GOLD. The way instructor explained the point of view of the author and the main point of the passage was marvelous and really hit the bulls eye. So it’s no surprise that I hit a 51 in RC in GMAT Prep 2 exam last week.

CR has 9 different sections with each section having 1-4 lessons (with each lesson having it’s own quiz), followed by a practice quiz and then a session quiz. The live prep has 6 live sessions and covers each type of question. You can take the quizzes multiple times and all the previous session records are there for you to see. Each session covers the question strategy and how to identify the incorrect answers. The solutions are pretty detailed as well. For example, in boldface type questions it has a ready reckoner list which tells a student what are the many options can be, how are they renamed and how to identify the correct answer and how to connect the two boldface lines (if there are more than one). Then it tells you how the test makers confuse you and how to avoid falling into the trap.

The best section of the course is the SC section. It has covered each topic in detail and there are several blogs about most of the topics apart from the animated lessons. The blogs themselves are more than 200 pages if you collate them. SC was my weakest section but now I am more confident in SC than in any other section.

If you have done the session, followed all the instructions, reviewed the correct as well as incorrect answer choices you’d score more than 40 in each of the section for sure.

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