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Excellent approach towards solving verbal problems


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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After getting an experience of 3+ years in a manufacturing sector right out of IIT Madras, I was hoping to get into some B schools to help me shape my career. The most logical step for me was GMAT. However, the first time, I tried it, I got a score of 650. This de-motivated me and I was not so sure, as to where I was going wrong. Several thoughts came to my mind, and I finally decided to join a course to analyse my mistakes.

After analyzing many courses, I signed up for E-Gmat, verbal live prep. The first few classes filled me up with excitement. I could clearly see that my approach towards solving problems earlier was severely flawed.

In just about a month's time, I was solving SC questions like a professional, I realized that this part of GMAT, which usually took me the longest, was something that was now actually saving time. CR and SC also improved drastically. More than anything, the fear of GMAT was completely gone. I enjoyed studying and felt more confident. I got a score of 710 (V37, Q49) in my second time and an admission in many good B schools such as ISB, Olin, Kelley and Ivey Richards. Had I focused more on quant I would have got a little more, but e-gmat was a savior and helped me get an extremely unexpected verbal score.

Course Work:
The live sessions are exhilarating, and the interactions with the instructor are life like. The energy felt during the course carries through out the week and helps in preparing better. Approach towards SC is path breaking. This dreaded part of GMAT is solved so easily through E-GMAT that at the end of the day, one feels that there is no reason to fear from it at all.

CR and RC also strengthened like never before. I felt very amazing, when I understood the basic reasons behind the questions in OG, when I listened to their explanations. It molded my thoughts and helped me in forming a fresh approach towards a problem.

There are also many questions in the e-gmat, which are designed specifically to enhance one's strengths in the areas, where we feel weak. The doubts are answered very nicely and the polls used in live prep is an extremely useful tool to evaluate one's progress among our peers.

During the course itself, seeing the questions asked by our peers, we can evaluate our understanding and be also aware that we are doing above average.

Software for Live Courses
I had earlier taken some online classes for various reasons. NPTEL was used in IIT earlier. But most of these online courses were a monologue and we could not express ourselves rightly , like that in a class. Here the feel was extremely different. I felt like sitting in a class, moreover, I was not un comfortable to ask questions. It was scheduled at a time, when I was always free and could give it full attention. I therefore attended all classes.

Response to emails:
I don't know how they do it, but they respond to all emails within 12 hours. It is amazing. I was extremely happy with their customer service and appreciate it a lot.

At last, I would say that e-gmat thought me how to think. It will take me beyond GMAT exam alone and would help me in general. I strongly recommend taking this course as it won't be just learning but will be 'fun' learning.

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