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Gmat journey along with Egmat


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

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I would like to pen down my experience with egmat throughout my gmat preparation journey.

I believe this course is boon for every aspiring candidate who wants to crack Gmat. I studied this course . However I have just studied the concept . I had no time to practice scholaranium. In this much content also , because of egmat I managed to get 630. For some of you it might not be dream score. But for me , with the help of the egmat content I have studied and my very hectic job, I consider it as an achievement for myself. I give whole credit to this course. I have not covered all the sources available inside the course like I had no time to use their workshops and scholaranium.If I would have covered all the resources available inside the course, I might have scored higher. Nevertheless , I am still happy with whatever I have achieved. Being a working mother and having a taxing job, I still consider my course nice.The best thing about egmat in my case was that I need not to attend any classroom programme.I can study anytime , anywhere. This thing helped me a lot.I am really thankful to the entire team of egmat for all the support they have given me through the entire GMAT journey. Last but not the least, Hats off to there excellent customer service. They have even replied to my emails on the weekends and helped me often by going out of their way. A big Thank you to all. I will recommend this course to anyone who aspire to crack GMAT.


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