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First of all, verbal itself is so hard to crack in the Gmat. Secondly, being a non-native, I felt it even harder to crack. I tried a couple of books before I even start studying the E-gmat, but none of those books were helping me to reach the score that I wanted to. In fact, not even half way there to my target score. My target score is 720. My friend happened to recommend me to E-gmat. Then, I started researching a little bit about it. All the reviews were either 5 or 4 with the E-gmat. I was so excited that there is an institution that tailored the course exactly for my needs that I did not even bother to attend a demo, and I paid for the full subscription for Verbal Live (E-gmat’s premium subscription).
The course usually has video sessions that you can watch them whenever you want to. That’s the main and nice thing about it. After each video session(Sub-category) is followed with a few examples to make sure that you learned it right. Not only that, once you covered with the whole category, you will have multiple test to take and see the scale right there, and you will all levels of questions. I realized that I had learnt nothing when I started my preparation with the two books initially. I got to tell you, I hardly was able to get 50% questions right before e-gmat. After e-gmat, I’m now able to make 70% of the questions right and sometimes even 80%. It’s worth every penny. Every week, they have a couple of video sessions that are thought by live instructors for every section. I really enjoyed studying with the e-gmat material and solving questions from Scholoranium. That’s another great tool. The question quslity is top-notch. The instructors assist you with any questions that you may have on any subject matter. I can’t recommend e-gmat enough. E-gmat is the go-to place for all your Verbal GMAT needs.

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