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Trouble in verbal


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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When I started preparing for GMAT I faced immense problem in verbal and to be specific in sentence correction. I started studying from 'Manhattan GMAT Sentence Correction' but it was difficult to apply all those rules while solving the problem. Some of my friends were also preparing for GMAT they suggested me to use e-gmat. For more than a week I used the trial version. There I studied 'verb-ed' and 'verb-ing' modifiers. The video was very lucid. After studying it I started applying it on OG. It really helped me in solving problem.

I decided to take the e-gmat verbal live prep course. The best thing about the online classes was that it was on weekends. It helped me to balance my work life with GMAT preparation. Whenever I couldn't attain the online class I used to get the recordings from e-gmat. Live prep helped me understanding the concepts very deeply. It was very interactive session.

The 'scholaranium' section of e-gmat helped me solving tougher questions. The beauty of this section is that I can set the difficulty level of questions and I can also select the various sections I want to do such as RC, CR or sentence correction. This helped me in solving problems within the stipulated time. Even time we can set against a set of questions.

Quant section did'nt trouble me, I think my engineering background helped me in it. Nevertheless, I got full length practice test from e-gmat. It definitely helped me quantitative aptitude. The verbal live prep is very well designed and I would certainly recommend it to everyone who think they need to work on their verbal section. Online faculty is very good. They clear each and every doubts. Thank you e-GMAT for making such a helpful online course. I will be appearing for GMAT in next month.

All the best to all of you who are reading this.

Thank you :)

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