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Amazing online course - EGMAT


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Payal Tandon

Location Online

E-GMAT is the best online course that I have come across. Those who need to clearly understand the math concepts then E-GMAT is the course for you undoubtedly. The concepts covered have immensely helped in my preparation.

The best thing is the sample questions that are given after each concept to firm up your learning and the volume of questions in Scholaranium. The level of question range from easy to hard giving you the flexibility of choosing the difficulty level using custom quiz, which I have used the most in Scholaranium to track my improvement.

Another best thing about E-GMAT is the feedback that you get from the instructors, who have been very quick in responding to every query and their responses have been very detail too.

My quant accuracy and ability have improved since I started using E-GMAT course and I have my actual exam in 4 weeks time, but I want to give this feedback on the course so that it might help those who are still wandering about the right course to choose to ace the verbal.

Definitely I recommend to those who are looking for a self paced course with good question bank to practice.


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