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Polish your Quant Skills-Do not Ignore them-


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

Instructor Rajat Sadana

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When I started my preparation for GMAT, I was of the opinion that I just need hone in and improve my verbal sklls. Having a strong background in Maths, I thought that I would just breeze through it at the end, spending 10-15 percent of my alloted prep number of hours. But based on some reviews on the Quant Live Prep program offered by e-GMAT and a bit of gut feeling, I decided to add the course to my cart along with its verbal counterpart. Today when I look back, I think it was a very decisive move to go through the Quant Live prep course which is one of the best, if not the best available course for Quant available in the market.

We tend to ignore what we already know and understand and work on our weaknesses. However, this may be the case but we need to work on our strengths too and do not ignore them or keep them for the end as this might drastically influence the end result. In my case, I was too focussed on the Verbal part, providing little attention to the Quant section. Inspite of it, I did attend the Quant live sessions just to keep the ball rolling and the concepts afresh in my mind. The sessions were of amazing quality with the level of questions discussed and solved using a step by step approach. The Quant course was extremely beneficial to me at the end when I had limited time before the exam. During this time, I had all the relevant concepts and files at one place and I did all the practice quizzes related to all the sections. This helped me immensely to revise and apply the concepts. The best part about the Quant Course is the Scholorannium part of it, which has more than a 1000 questions divided into easy, medium, hard and very hard pools. You can always practice the hard and very hard questions by creating a custom quiz, a practice which is very important to achieve a Q50-51.

I would really like to congratulate e-GMAT for the Quant live Prep course which they have created. It really captures everything from the basic concepts to the very hard application questions, the best part being you can pick and choose where to focus on depending on your current ability in Quant. And as per my Quant score on GMAT, I got a Q50 and did complete my Quant section in 60 minutes.

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