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E-GMAT Strengthened My Foundations in the Verbal Section


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Course e-GMAT GMAT Live Prep

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I took the GMAT a total of 4 times over a period of 6 months. In my first 3 attempts, I scored 680 consistently. In my final attempt, I scored 740 (Q50, V41).

At the end of my third GMAT, I was determined to give it one final push before the 2nd round MBA application deadlines and I wanted to take an online course that was more personalised.

e-GMAT was my selected course. I was most concerned with improving my verbal section and I read many positive reviews about e-GMAT from the various forums.

The aspects of the e-GMAT that helped me the most are listed below:

1. Facilitated Specific Goal Setting

Before starting any of the online materials, e-GMAT has a GMAT Planner that shows you the specific percentile you should train towards if you want your target GMAT score. The Planner gives a specific percentile for each component of the GMAT in order for you to attain your target GMAT score.

For example, I wanted a GMAT score of 750 and I reported that I was fairly proficient in both Quans and Verbal.
The GMAT Planner then churned out specific target percentiles for my Algebra (85%ile), Arithmetic (87%), SC (85%ile), CR (87%ile) & RC (89%ile), resulting in an overall Quans Scaled Score of 50 & an overall Verbal Scaled Score of 41.

I also liked the feature in which I could change components within the recommendation based on the understanding of my own competencies. I knew SC was my weaker component, and thus, I reduced the target percentile needed for SC. Furthermore, the GMAT Planner takes into account the minimum score for you to achieve the target goal (i.e., there are certain percentiles below which you cannot state as a goal if you have a higher target GMAT score)

Ultimately, this gave me a very clear goal to work towards & I dedicated my energy towards these component percentiles.

2. Provided Rigorous Verbal Training

The best part about the e-GMAT is its depth of content.

But before delving into specific topics, the course taught me how to read. While we do read daily, we do not necessarily comprehend what we read to the level demanded by the GMAT. Thus, e-GMAT provides this module called Master Comprehension in which it teaches you how to read effectively so as to correctly answer the questions thrown at you during the GMAT.

Needless to say, the topics for the actual content of the GMAT are well covered thereafter. The videos are filled with multiple example questions and you go through scaffolded learning; the level of difficulty is slowly increased through the videos to ensure that you aren't thrown into the deep end.

Furthermore, if you have any question regarding the content presented in the video, you can post questions in the forum for that particular topic or read questions that have been asked by other e-GMAT learners. This helped to clarify many doubts that I had for specific topics and this made the learning process alot more personalised.

3. Maintains an Effective Question Bank + Provides Realistic Training using Questions from the Official Guides

Scholaranium is essentially a question bank that churns out ability tests and practice quizzes to help you keep track of how well you are progressing in attaining your target percentile scores. Additionally, in each of the content topics covered, e-GMAT makes reference to the relevant questions from the Official Guide.

These helped to provide me with realistic training and it better prepared me for the actual GMAT.

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